by Yes Deer

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released August 28, 2015

All songs arranged by Yes Deer.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Tom and Chris Matherly sr. @ C.A.M. Publications and Turtle Studios with Yes Deer.

Thanks to C.A.M. Publications, our family's, friends and to our wonderful fans for all of your continued support!



all rights reserved


Yes Deer Amherst, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Senseless
I don't want to hear your motor I just wanna hear the forest screaming i appreciate your voice!
I don't want to see your headlights speeding at me in a hurry wanna see the moonlight shining in the trees.
I don't wanna smell the poison pouring out from burning war wanna smell the flower's perform on the breeze.
Track Name: Son Of Sun
The spirits say that you must find a way
Your own true will demands that you come to understand what it wants,
like it or not.

Scavenge yourself from those ideas
that were never your own.
Build your own from wood and stone
and blood and bone,
son of sun.

Scavenge yourself from the empire
to which you never belonged.
Light the fire of your life,
son of sun.
Track Name: Breathing
The world is alive and breathing.
You are the world breathing.

You are capable of anything
because you are the world breathing.

Track Name: Meet Their Force With Love
In a world that's trying to keep me down
I will gently refuse

I will meet their force with love.
With LOVE.

Meet their force with love.
Be the change you want to see the change you want to BE.
Track Name: The Mole
The time on the clock is a fiction
A prop on a movie screen
And a nostrum shaped just like a prism
Bares a staircase ascending the seams
And there's a flower that speaks like an angel
I can hear as she prays just to me
And I notice our trading of spaces
Still wondering just what I should be

And I
Lived out my decree wearing overalls
Dug deep in the mineshaft
And found you bearing my likeness
A corticate hermaphrodite
A single cell drifting...

When young I was taught life was ordered
And this I believed to be true
But now that I'm growing older my old sacred spaces are coming unglued

And here
I just want you to know what I'm going through
So I can feel sane
And may hold this body together
Just long enough to build a house
On a planet that I can call home
Track Name: Spiritual Blues
I try so hard sometimes so be where I already am.
Oh spirit, of guidence please help me to relax.


I am an ocean
Why can't I always swim?

I want faith, patience and love.
I AM faith, patience and love.

Oh spirit of guidence. Please help me to relax.
Track Name: Owl Eyes
My oh my own owl eyes opening to behold this whole wide world that I may come to know it. So what does this mean for me? If I claim to have this deep respect for the cycle giving life to me, it's time I ought to show it.

'Cuz we've been walking in the woods,
we've been beating around the bush,
we've been thinking of all the ways
we could do this so much better for ourselves,
in the woods,
went out looking for some hush,
starting thinking of all the ways
we could do this so much better for ourselves.

We've been walking in the woods,
we've been sitting around the fire...
we've been daring to conspire...
tracking down great mysteries...
stalking all our wildest dreams...
'cuz we're thinking of all the ways
we could do this so much better for ourselves...
and everything else!

Far from the trees they would keep us where they can see us,
that's not where you and I belong.